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Allergy-Free Halloween Fun

One in 13 kids has food allergies. Halloween can be especially tricky for these kids, not to mention the parents as well. Here are some tips to try and keep Halloween Allergy-Free and safe!

· Consider starting a new tradition. Instead of trick-or-treating, consider throwing a Halloween party with safe treats or toys/trinkets. You could also do a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. Lastly, consider having friends over for a Halloween movie night!

· If you are trick-or-treating, make sure to be prepared. Bring your epinephrine 2-pack and a charged cell phone. I would also bring safe snacks in case your kid wants to eat something along the way.

· You could make safe treat bags to give to the neighbors ahead of time so they can distribute them to your child when you come by. Alternatively, you could bring toys/trinkets or safe candy to trade your child for unsafe candy.

· Some people make a strict no eating while trick-or-treating rule.

· Make sure to check all food labels before eating. Avoid food that does not have the ingredients on it.

· Make a tradition where they can trade all the unsafe candy for a special prize.

· Make sure to look for the houses with the teal pumpkins! Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) promotes the teal pumpkin project every Halloween. This is a campaign where families who have non-food treats will display a teal pumpkin in their yard, so you know it is safe for kids with food allergies. I know we are proudly displaying our teal pumpkin this year! You can also check out the FARE website and search for houses who have registered their addresses with teal pumpkins in your area.

Other allergy-related conditions to think about are eczema and asthma. Be wary of costume make-up as this can exacerbate eczema or cause a contact dermatitis.

Make sure if you are using make-up that it is hypoallergenic and of high quality.

You can also test the make-up ahead of time on a small area of skin to make sure it does not cause a rash. For asthma, make sure you bring the child’s rescue inhaler. Halloween is during weed and cedar elm allergy season. Sometimes exercise, like running around the neighborhood can trigger asthma.

Hope all of this helps! I want each and everyone of you to have a safe and fun Halloween!!


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